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List of all abbreviations starting with F. We have over 509 acronyms / slang used in facebook comments and whatsapp chat online over the internet.

FC - Face Contact FC - Fat Chance FCFS - First Come First Served FCOL - For Crying Out Loud FCOL - For Crying Out Loud FCS - For Christ's Sake FD - First Date FD - Forum Discussion FDA - Food and Drug Administration FDI - Finally Did It FDL - Fat, Dumb, and Lazy FDR - Franklin Delano Roosevelt FE - Fair Enough FE - For Example FEAE - For Ever And Ever FEAT - Featuring FEDEX - Federal Express (shipping company) FEDS - FBI agents, police FEDZ - Police FEE - Female FEELS - Feelings FEEN - Man FEENIN - An Intense Craving Or Yearning FEENING - Craving, wanting really badly FEH - Expression of dismissal, disgust FEL - F*** Everybody's Life FEL. - F*** Everybody's Life FELLA - Man, boyfriend FELLAS - Close friends FELLER - Fellow, man FER - For FESS - Confess FETCH - Cool, trendy, awesome FF - Final Fantasy FF - Forum Feedback FF. - Forum Feedback FF5 - Family Force 5 (band) FFA - Free For All FFA - Free For All FFA - Frequently Forgotten Answers FFF - The Fightin Fundamentalist Forum FFF - Fan Fiction Forum FFF - Friends For Free FFF - Fightin Fundamentalist Forum FFF - Five Favourite Forum FFFA - Fit From Far Away FFI - For Further Information FFL - Falling From LOLing FFN - Farewell For Now FFR - Flash Flash Revolution (game)
FFR - For Future Reference FFTL - From First To Last (band) FFWF - Fight Fire With Fire FFX - Final Fantasy 10 (game) FG - Fat Girl FG - Family Guy FGC - Friends General Conference FGF - Forest Guardians Forums FGJ - For Great Justice FGR - Frequently Generates Responses FGS - For God's Sake FHE - First Hand Experience FHM - For Him Magazine FHO - Friends Hanging Out FHS - For Heaven's Sake FI - Forget It FIC - Fanfiction FICCL - Frankly, I Couldn't Care Less FIDDY - Fifty FIF - Fifth Amendment FIFA - Federation International de Football Association FIFO - First In First Out FIFS - First In First Served FIFY - Fixed It For You FIG JAM - F*** I'm Good Just Ask Me FIGA - Forget It, Go Away FIGF - Forget It, Gone Fishing FIGH - Forget it, Go Home FIGJAM - F*** I'm Good, Just Ask Me FIGP - Forget It, Get Pissed FIL - Father-in-law FILO - First In, Last out FIMO - Forget It, Move On FIN - Finished FINA - About to do (something) FINK - Snitch, informer FINNA - Going To FINO - Failure Is Not an Option FIO - Figure It Out FIQ - Frequently Ignored Questions FIRM - Gang of soccer hooligans FIRM - Organised criminal gang FIRME - Cool, good, nice FIS - Fake Information System FISH - First In Still Here FISH - For Immediate Sympathetic Help FISH - F*** It S*** Happens FIT - Good lokking, hot, sexy FIT - Fashion Institute Of Technology FITB - Fill In The Blanks A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z