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List of all abbreviations starting with J. We have over 295 acronyms / slang used in facebook comments and whatsapp chat online over the internet.

JDWI - Just Deal With It JEAL - Jealous JEET - Did you eat? JEEZ - Expression of annoyance JEEZ - Jesus JEJE - Hispanic LOL JEJEMON - People who type stupidly JEL - Jealous JELLO - Jealous JELLY - Jealous JERK - Idiot JESSA - Just A JEST - Joke JET - Leave quickly JEWFRO - Curly Jewish hair style JF - Just Fine JF - Joke Funny JFC - Java Fun Contemplators JFDI - Just F**king Do It JFF - Just For Fun JFF - Just For Fun JFG - Just For Girls JFI - This is an internet term For "Just F**k It." It is used when you do not care about something or you give up. JFK - John Fitzgerald Kennedy JFK - New York airport JFK - Just For Kicks JFL - Just For Laughs JFN - Just For Now JFO - Just for Openers JFO - Just For Openers ...., JFR - Just Finished Reading JFT - Just For Today JFTR - Just For The Record JFU - Just For Us JFW - Jackson Family Website JFY - Just For You JFY - Just for You JFYI - Just For Your Information JFYI - Just For Your Information JFYK - Just For Your Knowledge JG - Juicy Gossip JG - Jolly Good JGB - Just Got Back JGH - Just Got Home JGI - Just Google It JGL - Just Get Lost JGM - Just Got Message JHC - Jesus H Christ JHEEZE - same as OMG, wow JHI - Mistype for HI
JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point (bullet) JI - Very, sort of JIC - Just In Case JICYDK - Just In Case You Didn't Know JIFF - Cocaine JIFFY - Short period of time JIP - Rob, rip-off JIT - Young gangster JIT - Just In Time JJ - Just Joking JJ - Just Joking JJ - Jumping Jahosafat! JJ. - Just Joking JJ. - Jumping Jahosafat! JJA - Just Joking Around JJJ - Australian radio station JK - Just Kidding JK - Just Kidding! JK - Juz Kiddin JK - Jiminy Kricket JK - Joking JKD - Jeet Kune Do (Martial Art) JKL - Just Kidding Loser JKL - Just Kidding, LOL JKN - Joking JKS - Jokes JKZ - Jokes JL - Just Lunch JL - Just Lost JL - Just Looking JL - Just Living JLA - Just Look Around JLAT - Just Look At That JLF - Just For Life JLMK - Just Let Me Know JLMK - Just Let Me Know JLO - Jennifer Lopez JLS - Jack the Lad Swing (band) JLT - Just like that JLT - Just Like That JLUK - Just Letting You Know JLY - Jesus Loves You JLYK - Just Letting You Know JM - Just Messing JM - Just Marvelous JM2CW - Just My 2 Cents Worth JMA - Just Messing Around JMHO - Just My Humble Opinion JMHO - Just My Humble Opinion JMHO - Just My Honking Opinion A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z