L - Slang used over internet, in facebook, whatsapp chat | Page 2

List of all abbreviations starting with L. We have over 648 acronyms / slang used in facebook comments and whatsapp chat online over the internet.

LAV - Lavatory, toilet LAV - Love LAWD - Lord LAWL - same as LOL LAWLS - same as LOL LAWLZ - same as LOL LAX - Lacrosse LB - Little Because LB - Lookin Better LB - Lucky Bastard LB - Lover Boy LB - Little Btch LB - Loudmouth Bum LBC - Long Beach, California LBD - Little Black Dress LBDAS - Laughing But Dead Ass Serious LBDN - Look Busy Doing Nothing LBDN - Looking Busy Doing Nothing LBH - Let's Be Honest LBH - Loser Back Home LBH - Let's Be Honnest LBM - Little Big Man LBNL - Last But Not Least LBNL - Last But Not Least LBNOL - Laughing But Not Out Loud LBO - Lazy Bearded One LBR - Loser Beyond Repair LBR - Loser Beyond Repair LBRS - Lower Blackrock Spire (WOW) LBS - Laughing But Serious LBS - Pounds (weight) LBS - Little Black Sugar LBVS - Laughing But Very Serious LBVS - Laughing But Very Serious LBW - Leg Before Wicket (cricket) LC - Lower Case LC - Losing Control LC - Luscious Cutie LC - Last Comment LCD - Liquid Crystal Display LCG - Lubrication Consolation Gratification LCS - Lovable Cuddlely Sweet LCTS - Let's Change The Subject LCW - Local Closed World LD - Link Dead (Disconnection From Internet) LD - Later Dude LD - Later Dude LD - Lovey Dovey LDA - Long Distance Affair LDF - Little Dixie Flies
LDH - Long Distance Hug LDH - Long Distance Hottie LDH - Long Distance Hug LDI - Let's Do It LDL - Long Distance Lover LDN - London LDN - Lazy Do Nothing LDO - Like Duh, Obviously LDR - Long Distance Relationship LDR - Long Distance Relationship LDS - Latter Day Saint LE - Limited Edition LE - Law Enforcement LEAF - Marijuana LEAF - Loud Egotistical Annoying Female LEC - Local Exchange Carrier LED - Light Emiting Diode LEDGE - Legend, legendary LEES - Very Attractive Man/Woman LEET - Chat room language LEET - Elite LEG IT - Run away LEGGO - Let's Go LEGGO - Let's Go LEGIT - Real, legal LEGO - Least Exciting Guy Out there LEKKER - Cool, sexy LEL - LOL LEMME - Let Me LEMME - Let Me LENG - Weapon, gun LEO - Law Enforcement Officer LEO - Late Every Occasion LEV - Low Emission Vehicle LEVA - Traitor LEWL - LOL LF - Looking For LF - Love From LF - Looking For LF - Love From .... LF - Loose Floozy LF1M - Looking For One More LFDY - Live Fast, Die Young LFDY - Live Fast Die Young LFF - Least Favorite Friend LFG - Looking For Group LFM - Looking For More LFMAO - Misspelling of LMFAO LFMF - Learn From My Fail LFO - Lyte Funkie Ones A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z