W - Slang used over internet, in facebook, whatsapp chat | Page 2

List of all abbreviations starting with W. We have over 1068 acronyms / slang used in facebook comments and whatsapp chat online over the internet.

WANJ - White Anglo Nerdy Jew WANNA - Want to WANNA - Want To WANNA - Want To WANNABE - Someone who wants to be what they are not WANNABE - Want To Be WAO - Wow WAP - Wireless Access Point WAP - What A Pity WAP - What A Pain WAP - Where Are The Phones WAPCE - Women Are Pure Concentrated Evil WAREZ - Cracked/pirate software WARM - What About Remembering Me WART - What a Retard WAS - Wait And See WAS - Wait and See WAS - Wait And See WASH - Waste of time WASP - White Anglo-Saxon Protestant WASP - White Anglo Saxon Protestant WASP - What A Sad Predicament WASP - We Ain't Sure, Pal WASTED - Drunk, stoned WASTEMAN - Worthless person, waste of space WASTE MAN - Someone who is a waste of time and space WAT - What WAT - We Aren't Trying WAT - Welcome Any Time WATCHA%3F - What Do You ....? WATEV - Whatever WATP - We Are The People WAU - What About You? WAUD - What Are You Doing? WAVEY - Drunk, high WAVY - Well dressed WAVY - Very nice WAW - What A Wanker WAW - What A Waste WAWA - Convenience store WAWN - What A Wonderful Name WAX - Without Any Experience WAY - Where Are You? WAYD - What Are You Doing WAYDRN - What Are You Doing Right Now? WAYDT - What are you doing tonight WAYF - Where Are You From? WAYG - Where Are You Going? WAYLA - What Are You Looking At? WAYLT - What Are You Listening To?
WAYN - Where Are You Now? WAYOA - What Are You On About? WAYTA - What Are You Talking About WAYW - What Are You Wearing? WAYWO - What Are You Working On? WAZ UP - What's Up? WAZA - What Is A .... WAZAP - Good Morning, how are you today WAZI - Was He? WAZUP - What's Up? WAZZUP - What's Up? WA GWAN - What's Going On WB - Welcome Back WB - Write Back WB - Wanna Be WB - Welcome Back WB - Why Bother WB - Web Board WB - What Bull WBASAP - Write Back As Soon As Possible WBB - Will Be Back WBE - We Be .... WBM - Wanna-Be Moderator WBM - Wanabe Moderator WBM - WanaBe Moderator WBMBF - Wanna Be My Boy Friend WBMGF - Wanna Be My Girl Friend WBMO - Women Blowing Me Off WBN - Would Be Nice WBP - Write back please WBR - With Best Regards WBR - With Best Regards WBRB - Won't be right back WBS - Write Back Soon WBS - Webchat Broadcasting System WBS - Write Back Soon WBSP - Write Back Soon Please WBT - Will Be There WBTD - We Beg To Differ WBU - What About You? WBU - What 'Bout You WBU - What About You? WBW - White Boy Wasted WBW - World Birthday Web WBW - With Best Wishes WBWYC - Write back when you can WBY - What (A)bout You? WBYA - What about ya WC - Welcome WC - Water Closet, toilet A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z