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List of all abbreviations starting with C. We have over 635 acronyms / slang used in facebook comments and whatsapp chat online over the internet.

C - See C - Computer language C - Speed of light C - Cute C - Crabby C# - Microsoft programming language C&G - Chuckle and Grin C&V - Chapter and Verse C&C - Command and Conquer (game) C&P - Copy & Paste C'MON - Come On C++ - Programming language C. - Cute C. - Crabby C.S - Cool Stuff C/D - Confirm/Deny C/O - Class Of ... C1 - Affirmative, Roger that C2C - Consumer to Consumer C2C - Cam to Cam C4 - Plastic explosive C4C - Comment for Comment C4C - Cam for Cam C: - Very happy CAAC - Cool As A Cucumber CAB - Misspelling of CBA CACHAI - Do you understand? CACHE - Store for temporary computer files CACTUS - Broken, dead CAD - Computer Aided Design CADDY - Cadillac CAF - Cute As Fuck CAKE - Kilo of cocaine CAKEHOLE - Mouth CAKING - Flirting CAL - Cyberathlete Amateur League (gaming) CAM - Computer-Aided Manufacturing CAM - camera CAMB - Come At Me Bro CAMEL - Brand of cigarettes CAMO - Camoflauge CAMPER - Player who lies in wait for a target CANDYMAN - Drug Dealer CANON - Original, official CANTO - Cantonese CAN DO - It will be done CAP - Shoot CAPISH - Do you understand? CAPO - Captain, Mafia boss CAPS - Bullets
CAPS - Mushrooms CAPTCHA - Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart CAR - Can Anyone Recommand .... CARD - Amusing, eccentric person CARDY - Cardigan CARE - I don't care CARPE - Vomit, throw up CARRIED - Told off, DISSed CARTY - Party in a car CAS - Close Air Support CAS - Confidence, Appearance, Swagger CAS - Creativity, Action, Service CASA - Computer Aided Social Activity CASJ - Casual CAT - Cool person CAT - Computed Axial Tomography CAT - Can't Answer That CATFISH - Individual Who Creates a False Online Identity CAUSE - Because CAVE - Give up, give in CAY - Caring About Youth CAZ - Crazy in a nice way CB - Cute Boy CB - Ciao Baby CB - Chat Board CB - Clueless Boy CB. - Cute Boy CB. - Ciao Baby CB. - Chat Board CB. - Clueless Boy CBA - Cannot Be Angry CBA - Can't Be Asked CBB - Can't Be Bothered CBB - Can't Be Bothered CBBC - Children's BBC CBBTSO - Can't Be Bothered To Stay On CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBD - Cute But Dumb CBGB - Country BlueGrass Blues CBH - Child Bearing Hips CBI - Californian Bureau of Investigation CBI - Confederation of British Industry CBL - Check Back Later CBLTH - Can't Breathe Laughing Too Hard CBP - Consumed By Passion CBR - Captive Bead Ring (body piercing) CBS - Can't Be Stuffed CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBW - Crash Bang Wallop CC - Credit Card A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z