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List of all abbreviations starting with D. We have over 724 acronyms / slang used in facebook comments and whatsapp chat online over the internet.

.-. - Sad, unhappy ... - Speechless ... - Silence ... - A Trailing Thought .BIZ - Top level domain for business .CO - Alternative to .COM .COM - Top level domain for commerce .EDU - Top level domain for education .GOV - Top level domain for governments .MIL - Top level domain for the military .NET - Top level domain originally for network providers .ORG - Top level domain for non-profit organizations ._. - Emoticon Representing Apathy D BO - Steal D&D - Dungeons and Dragons D&M - Deep and Meaningful D'S - Dayton rims D-DAY - 6th June 1944 D-DAY - Designated day when operations are due to commence D.A. - Don't Ask D.C. - Disconnected D.C. - Don't Come D.C. - Doesn't Count D.C. - Daily Chump D.C. - Devastating Charisma D.C.M. - Don't Cry Mama D.C.M. - Don't Come Monday D.D. - Dear Daughter D.D.S. - Deep Dark Secrets D.P. - Digital Performer D.P.M. - Don't Punch Me D.W. - Don't Worry D.W. - Don't Walk D.W. - Dear Wife D/C - Disconnected D00D - Dude D12 - Dirty Dozen D2F - same as DTF D2M - Dead to Me D8 - Date D: - Suprised, shocked D:< - Angry D; - Crying DA - The DA - District Attorney DA - Dad DA - Don't Ask DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting DACT - Dreams All Come True DAD - Dashing And Debonair
DADA - Defence Against the Dark Arts (Harry Potter) DADS - Dumb As Dog Shit DADT - Don't Ask, Don't Tell DAE - Does Anybody Else DAFUQ - what the HECK IS WRONG WITH YOUR CRANIUM? DAG - Damn DAG - Unfashionable person DAG - Delightfully Attractive Girl DAGGY - Uncool, not trendy, untidy DAGO - Offensive term for an Italian DAM - Don't Ask Me DAM - Don't Ask Me DAMAGE - Cost of something DAMHIK - Don't Ask Me How I Know DAMHIKT - Don't Ask Me How I Know That/This DAMN - Don't Ask Me Nuthin DANG - Damn DANK - Very potent marijuana DANK - Incredibly good, awesome DAO - Does Anyone Own DAP - Touching of fists greeting DAQ - Don't Ask Questions DAR - Delete After Reading DARE - Drug Abuse Resistance Education DARL - Darling DARN - Damn DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DAT - That DATO - Dining At The Orifice DAVID - Cool guy DAW - Digital Audio Workstation DAWG - Close Friend DAWG - Dumb Ass White Guy DAYS - Donate As You Surf DAYUM - Damn DA BOMB - Excellent, the best DB - Douche Bag DB - Douche Bag DB - Don't Bother DB. - Douche Bag DB. - Don't Bother DBA - Don't Bother Asking DBA - Dumb But Assertive DBAA - Don't Be An A*** DBC - Dime By Comparison DBC - Don't Be Curious DBD - Don't Be Dumb DBD - Death Before Dishonor DBEYR - Don't Believe Everything You Read DBEYR - Don't Believe Everything You Read A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z