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List of all abbreviations starting with H. We have over 486 acronyms / slang used in facebook comments and whatsapp chat online over the internet.

# - Twitter hashtag # - Number #1 - Number one H - Hug H - Hmm H - Huh? H - Huggable H%2FO - Hold On H&K - Hugs and Kisses H.C. - Help Chat H.C. - Holy Crap! H.E.L.P. - Hello Everyone, Lets Party! H.S - Have Searched H.S. - Have Searched H/O - Hold On H/T - Hat Tip H/U - Hook Up, make out H1B - US employment visa H1N1 - Swine flu virus H2CUS - Hope To See You Soon H2G - Had to Go H2G - Honest To God H2G - Had to Go H2H - Heart To Heart H2H - Head To Head H2H - Hard to Handle H2IK - Hell If I Know H2O - Water H2T - Head To Toe H3 - Halo 3 (Game) H4X - Hacks, cheats H4X0R - Hacker H5 - High Five H8 - Hate H8R - Hater H8TBU - Hate To Be You H9 - Really hate (H8+1) HA - Sarcastic laugh HA - Humor Attitude HABBO - Online community/game HABIBI - My darling (Arabic) HAC - Hot Asian Chick HACER - Hacker HACK - Break into computer systems or software HADDA - Had To HAFL - Heart Attack From Laughing HAFTA - Have To HAFTA - Have To HAG - Unattractive old woman HAG - Hi And Good
HAGD - Have A Good Day HAGD - Have a Good Day HAGD - Have A Good Day HAGD - Have A Great Day HAGE - Have A Good Evening HAGL - Have A Good Life HAGN - Have A Good Night HAGN - Have a Good Night HAGO - Have A Good One HAGO - Have A Good One HAGS - Have A Great Summer HAGS - Have A Great Summer HAGT - Have A Great Time HAI - Hey, hi HAI - Yes (Japanese) HAISTK - How Am I Supposed To Know? HAISTK - How Am I Supposed To Know? HAIZ - Sigh HAK - Hugs And Kisses HAK - Hugs And Kissess HAL - Habitually Asinine Laughs HALP - Help HAM - Haven't Any Money HAM - Handsome And Macho HAM - He Asked Me HAN - Alone (Han Solo) HAND - Have A Nice Day HAND - Have A Nice Day HANDLE - Half a gallon of liquor HANDLE - Nickname, alias HANG - Hang out, spend time with HANG UP - Inhibition, emotional difficulty HANL - Have A Nice Life HAPA - Mixed race HAR - Sarcastic laugh HARD LINES - Bad luck HARF - Vomit, throw up HASH - Marijuana HASHTAG - Label on Twitter to aid searching HASIAN - Hot Asian HASTA - Has To HAT - Here And There HAT - How About That HATERZ - Enemies HAWK - Knife HAWT - Hot HAWT - Having A Wonderful Time HAWTSOME - Hot and awesome HAX - Hacking, Hackers, hacks HAXOR - Hacker A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z