J - Slang used over internet, in facebook, whatsapp chat | Page 1

List of all abbreviations starting with J. We have over 295 acronyms / slang used in facebook comments and whatsapp chat online over the internet.

J - Joking J - Joke J DUB - Jehovah's Witness J%2FK - Just Kidding (Joking) J.D. - Just Dumb J.D. - Just Die J.D. - Just Darling J.D. - Just Dorky J.D. - Just Don't J.M. - Just Marvelous J/K - same as JK J2LUK - Just To Let You Know J2LUNO - Just To Let You Know J2LYK - Just To Let You Know J2LYK - Just to Let You Know J4F - Just For Fun J4F - Just For Fun J4G - Just for Grins J4L - Just for Laughs JA - Yes (German) JAC - Just A Cat JAC - Just Awesome Communication JACKASS - Stupid person, idiot JACK WAGON - Loser JAE - Just About Everything JAE - Just Ain't Enough JAF - Just A Friend JAF - Just A Friendly JAFA - Just Another F***ing Aucklander JAG - Socially inept person JAG - Just Another Guy JAG - Just Another Good JAG - Juicy And Gorgeous JAH - God, Jehovah JAILBREAK - Crack an iPhone JAJ - Just Ask Junior JAJA - Spanish laugh JAK - Jazakom Allah Khairan JAL - Just Another Lamer JAM - Just A Minute. JAM - Just A Minute JAM - Just Ask Me JAM - Jobs And Money JAM - Just Act Medicated JAMBO - Hello (Swahili) JAND - England (Nigerian) JANK - Worthless, useless JANOE - I Know JAP - Jewish American Princess JAP - Person from Japan
JAP - Japanese American Princess JAP. - Japanese American Princess JAPAN - Just Always Pray At Night JAR - Just Acting Right JARHEAD - US Marine JARRIN - Annoying JAS - Just A Second JAT - Just A Thought JATQ - Just Answer The Question JAVA - Programming language JAVA - Coffee JAW - Just Another Web JAWN - Thing JAWOHL - Yes, affirmative JB - Jail Bait JB - Jonas Brothers JB - Just Bin JB - Just Because JB - Juicy Bod JB - Jail Bait JBH - Just Being Honest JBH - Just being honest JBL - Just Barely a Little JBN - Just Be Natural JBT - Jack-Booted Thug JBU - Just Between Us JBU - Just Between Us JBY - Just Be Yourself JBY - Just Be Yourself JC - Jesus Christ JC - Just Curious JC - Just Chilling JC - Just Curious JC - Just Checking JC - Just Cruisin JC - Just Chatting JCB - J C Bamford (excavator manufacturer) JCF - Jazz Community Forums JCSE - Just Call Someone Else JD - Jack Daniel's JD - Just Dumb JD - Just Die JD - Just Darling JD - Just Dorky JD - Just Don't JDBL - Just Don't Be Late JDI - Just Do It JDLR - Just Doesn't Look Right JDM - Japanese Domestic Market JDN - Just Didn't Notice A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z