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List of all abbreviations starting with M. We have over 589 acronyms / slang used in facebook comments and whatsapp chat online over the internet.

M - Mighty M - Miserable M - Marvelous M$ - Microsoft M&D - Mum and Dad M&M - Small chocolate candy M&S - Marks & Spencer M. - Mighty M. - Miserable M. - Marvelous M.AC - Mad And Crazy M.AC - Making A Change M.C. - Microphone Commando M.C. - Mindless Crap M.C.L. - Musical Chain Letters M.D - Mysterious Dude M.D - Mystery Date M.S.N. - My Screen Name M.S.N. - Media Serial Number M.S.N. - Mind Softening Nutrasweet M.TH. - mathan M/F - Male/Female M/O - Make Out M2 - Me Too M2AF - Message To All Friends M2AF - Message To All Friends M2D - Make my day M2FP - My Two( three , four etc...) Favorite People M3 - BMW sports car M33T - Meet M4C - Meet For Coffee? M4W - Man looking for a woman M8 - Mate M80 - Matey MA - Mom alert MA - Master of Arts MA - Mildly Apathetic MAAB - Male-Assigned At Birth MAC - Media Access Control MAC - Macintosh MAC - Mad And Crazy MAC - Making A Change MAC. - Mad And Crazy MAC. - Making A Change MACHING - Going at maximum Speed (skiing or biking) MACK - Flirt MAD - Really, extremely MAD-DOGING - When some one gives you bad looks MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving MADD - Mothers Against Dumb Dogs
MADD - My Ass Demands Dough MAG - Magazine MAGGOT - Fan of the band Slipknot MAH - My MAI - Most Annoying Individual MAJ - Major MAL - Mean, bad, evil MAMAW - Grandmother MAMI - Sexy, Baby MANC - Person from Manchester MANDEM - Group of men, boys MANDO - Mandatory MANDY - MDMA, ecstasy MANG - Man MANKY - Nasty, dirty MANU - same as MAN U MAN U - Manchester United Football Club MAO - Million And One MAP - Man-Alien-Predator MAPOTI - Most Annoying People On The Internet MARK - Target, sucker MARY JANE - Marijuana MAS - Mildly Amused Smirk MAS - Mutual Admiration Society MAS - My Angelic Son MAS - Mildly Amused Smirk MASC - Masculine MASH UP - Song made from bits of other songs MATE - Friend MAUH - Kiss MAUI WOWIE - Marijuana, weed from Hawaii MAW - Might As Well MAWOY - May Angels Watch Over You MAYN - Man MB - Megabyte MB - Might Be MB - Mega Babe MBA - Masters of Business Association MBA - Married But Available MBA - Married But Available MBA - Me Before Anyone MBA - Message Board Arrogance MBD - My Bad Dudes MBE - Mighty Big Eyes MBE - Mum's Behind Everything MBF - My Best Friend MBF - My Best Friend MBFAM  - My Brother From Another Mother MBM - Married Black Male MBN - Must Be Nice A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z