W - Slang used over internet, in facebook, whatsapp chat | Page 1

List of all abbreviations starting with W. We have over 1068 acronyms / slang used in facebook comments and whatsapp chat online over the internet.

W - George W. Bush W - Which W - Whatever W - Wimp W - Wuss W'EVER - Whatever W.C. - Who Cares W.C. - WeChat W.C. - Wrong Conversation W.C. - Welcome W.E - Whatever W/ - With W/B - Write back W/E - Whatever W/END - Weekend W/O - Without W00T - Hurrah W00T - Hooray! W00T - Express happiness or excitement W2F - Way Too Funny W2G - Way To Go W2G - Way To Go W2LB - Wisdom to Live By W3C - World Wide Web Consortium W4M - Woman looking for a man W8 - Wait W8 - Wait! W84M - Wait for me W8AM - Wait A Minute W8ING - WaitING W8N - Waiting W@ - What WA - Wife Agro WA - Wait Awhile WA - Which Alias WAA - Crying WAAM - What's going on, what's up WAAN - Want WABI - What A Bright Idea WABO - We're All Better Off WAC - Wild And Crazy WACK - Low quailty, lame WAD - We're All Dysfunctional WADITWB - We always did it that way before WADR - With All Due Respect WADR - With All Due Respect WAEF - When All Else Fails WAEFRD - When All Else Fails, Read Directions WAEFRD - When All Else Fails, Read Directions WAFB - What A F**king Bitch
WAFF - Warm And Fuzzy Feelings WAFFLE - Pointless talk WAFM - What A F**king Mess WAFS - Warm And Fuzzies WAFWOT - What A F***ing Waste Of Time WAG - Washington Area Girl WAG1 - What's Going On? WAGB - What A Good Boy WAGD - We're All Going to Die WAGN - We Ain't Going Nowhere WAGS - Wives And Girlfriends WAGW - What A Girl Wants WAGWAN - What's Going On? WAGWARN - What's Going On? WAGWUN - What's Going On? WAH - Working At Home WAHD - Work at home dad WAHG - What A Hot Guy WAHM - Work At Home Mom WAIFU - Wife WAIH - Why Am I Here WAJ - What A Joke WAK - Weird, awful WAL - What A Loser WALAHI - I swear to God WALE - Rapper WALH - German: Foreigner WALH - German:  Foreigner WALLA - Voila (French for 'here it is') WALLAH - I swear to God in Arabic WALLHAX - Wall hack (allows a player to walk through walls) WALLY - Stupid person WALOB - What A Load Of Bull WALOC - what a load of cobblers WALOR - What A Load Of Rubbish WAM - Wait A Minute WAM - What A Mess WAM - Wait A Minute WAM - Watching A Movie WAM - Want A Medal? WAMBAM - Web Application Meets Brick And Mortar WAMF - What Are My Feelings? WAMH - With All My Heart WAMH - With All My Heart WAMHAS - With All My Heart And Soul WAMKSAM - Why Are My Kids Staring At Me WAML - With All My Love WAN - What A Newb WAN2 - Want To WAN2TLK - Want to talk A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z