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Advanced Audio Distribution Profile

Meaning of A2DP ?

Meaning of A2DP is Advanced Audio Distribution Profile.

A2DP Definition

The defintion of A2DP is Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) is a Bluetooth profile for streaming audio, such as from a music phone to headphones..

What does A2DP mean?

A2DP means Advanced Audio Distribution Profile.

Comments having A2DP

Does your car support A2DP? Just be weary that it uses A2DP... By the way A2DP is just a type of Bluetooth profile A2DP allows you to stream high quality audio in stereo! A2DP supports audio only and mic cannot be used. iOS 3.0 introduced A2DP I bought bluetooth stereo speaker with A2DP Get Bluetooth stereo headset with A2DP which can stream songs from Bluetooth... Like Bing, Infotainment, GPS, A2DP is also an app based feature Why doesn't my 2012 Chevy Cruze support Bluetooth A2DP

Terms relating to A2DP

A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile AAC - Apple Audio Compression AMD - Advanced Micro Devices ARPA - Advanced Research Projects Agency (made early internet) ARPANET - Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (early internet) AV - Audio/Video AVI - Audio Video Interleaved (media format) CODEC - Coder-Decoder (usually for audio/video data) CREEPER - Someone who views your profile but doesn't make contact DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DAW - Digital Audio Workstation DISTRO - Distribution (software, music, etc) FREEBSD - Free Berkeley Software Distribution (Unix like OS) MPEG - Audio/visual file format SATA - Serial Advanced Technology Attachment SCART - Audio/Video TV connector TWITCON - Profile picture on Twitter WMA - Windows Media Audio ADD - Advanced Dumbass Disorder ATA - Advanced Technology Attachment PDN - Programmers Distribution Network TIP - Technology Interest Profile MAYA - Most Advanced Yet Accessible A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z