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At Any Rate

Meaning of AAR ?

Meaning of AAR is At Any Rate.

AAR Definition

The defintion of AAR is At Any Rate. .

What does AAR mean?

AAR means At Any Rate.

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AAR: New day, new blessings, new grace. @andendall @Made0fHonor I am in total and absolute agreement ! History will mark their tenure as among the finest in my lifetime AAR AAR, I want you to be able to wake up, look at who you woke up with and be glad, content. AAR, Unger’s value is incredible. I’d definitively say the #Saints won that trade. "If you cannot read all your books...Let them be your friends; let them, AAR, be your acquaintances." - Winston Churchill You live and learn.  AAR, you live.  ~Douglas Adams #quote "Today AAR we have little to complain of: all told we brought in five seals." — Lees AAR, it's sad to see the Texas Music Chart go. It was legitimate and run by good people. AAR, life with a #Pisces will never be dull. Fish are hard to know. What you see is not what you get. Prob Kris' hair stylist. AAR it's not OJ. She's not a black woman. don't know why people want her to be. …

Terms relating to AAR

>.< - Frustrated, angry, upset, in pain >_< - Frustrated /O\ - Frustrated, hands on head AAR - At Any Rate AGP - Accelerated Graphics Port APR - Annual Percentage Rate ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit CGI - Computer-Generated Imagery CIR - Committed Information Rate (minimum bandwidth) CSV - Comma Separated Values CTR - Click Through Rate DESPO - Desperate DISO - Desperately In Search Of DOA - Deteriorate On Approach FRAT - Fraternity GHB - Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (drug) IDE - Integrated Development Environment IDE - Integrated Device Electronics ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network P) - Pirate PBB - Pirate Bulletin Board POPPER - Amyl Nitrate POPPERS - Amyl nitrate (recreational drug) POTC - Pirates Of The Carribean PUMPED - Exhilarated, fired up ROF - Rate Of Fire ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicle RTS - Real Time Strategy SETI - Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence TPB - The Pirate Bay TROLL - A deliberately provocative message board user UAE - United Arab Emirates UGC - User Generated Content VBR - Variable Bit Rate WAPCE - Women Are Pure Concentrated Evil WAREZ - Cracked/pirate software WOWZER - Exaggerated Wow X.X - Exasperated, irritated, annoyed XLR8 - Accelerate ZERG - Defeat enemy by outnumbering rather than strategy or skill BOB - Battery Operated Boyfriend FGR - Frequently Generates Responses GDT - Grateful Dead Talk IDNO - In Desperate Need Of IDSO - In Desperate Search Of MDF - More Desperate Friends ROI - Rate Of Increase SAD - Single, Available, and Desperate VBP - Vereinigung zur Bekämpfung von Produktpiraterie 6FLX - X-Rated movie (s*x flick) A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z