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Fool, idiot

Meaning of BAKA ?

Meaning of BAKA is Fool, idiot.

BAKA Definition

The defintion of BAKA is Fool, idiot. .

What does BAKA mean?

BAKA means Fool, idiot.

Comments having BAKA

Ha ha ha ha! Seriously, he's not really trying to be elected as Kent Police Commissioner!!?? BAKA, jester. …

What does BAKA stand for?

Terms relating to BAKA

AHO - Idiot (Japanese) AIMO - Idiot BAKA - Fool, idiot BERK - Idiot, fool BOZO - Incompetent person, idiot BURK - Idiot, fool DINGBAT - Stupid person, idiot DOBE - Idiot DOUCHE - Idiot GIT - Idiot GOM - Idiot, fool GRONK - Idiot, fool IBK - Idiot Behind Keyboard IIR - Idiot In Room JACKASS - Stupid person, idiot JERK - Idiot MELT - Idiot MOMO - Annoying person, idiot MONG - Complete idiot MOOK - Idiot, JERK MUG - Idiot MUPPET - Stupid person, idiot NIMROD - Stupid person, idiot NIT - Idiot, nitwit NONG - Idiot, twit NUMPTY - Idiot PENDEJO - Idiot, fool PILLOCK - Idiot, fool PLANK - Idiot, stupid person PLONKER - Idiot SALA - Idiot, moron SI - Stupid Idiot SPANNER - Idiot, fool TIIC - The Idiots In Charge TWONK - Idiot, fool YSI - You Stupid Idiot DBAI - Designed By An Idiot EEDYAT - idiot EEJIT - idiot FIDIOT - F**king Idiot HIVI - Husband Is Village Idiot IBC - Idiot Behind Computer IBCD - Idiot between chair & desk IDJIT - idiot IDOT - idiot IDYAT - idiot IIIO - Intel Inside, Idiot Outside IJIT - idiot IWIAM - Idiot wrapped in a moron SBLAI - stop babbaling like an idiot A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z