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Meaning of BAY ?

Meaning of BAY is Baby.

BAY Definition

The defintion of BAY is Baby. .

What does BAY mean?

BAY means Baby.

Comments having BAY

BAY Loggerhead Turtle Named Sheldon: BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The BAY loggerhead turtle at The National Aquarium ha... anne had her second BAY 22 years ago today and i bet she had no idea that he'd grow up to be influential among many and loved by millions Whenever Tommy's making the moves, I can't help myself from thinking of BAY names already for him and Miho. lol ‘Shwann - Fraxure (Original Mix) [Played by Dyro @ Sunburn Festival]’ on #SoundCloud #np … yeah BAY hold on .. SHE'S (@miho_nishida) MY BAY GIRL AND I WILL PROTECT HER TO THE END OF DAYS. - @EsguerraTommy Happy Birthday to the #1 BAY daddy with the better hair than me @Harry_Styles. Love you sweet cheeks me: has absolutely no feelingsme: is also a big cry BAY whenever anything goes the slightest bit wrong I THINK THE SADDEST BIRTHDAY OUT OF ALL THE BOYS IS HARRYS BC YOU CAN SEE HOW OLD THEYRE GETTING WHEN THE BAY OF THE BAND IS OLD ITS OUR BAY'S BIRTHDAY TODAAAY, CANT FREAKING BELIEVE HES 22 NOW WOW BAY Loggerhead Turtle Named Sheldon: BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The BAY loggerhead turtle at The National Aquarium ha...

Terms relating to BAY

ABG - Asian Baby Girl BAE - Baby BAIRN - Child, baby BAY - Baby BBY - Baby BBYG - Baby Girl BG - Baby Gangster ILYSMB - I Love You So Much Baby MAMI - Sexy, Baby OBBY - Oh, Baby PWEASE - Babyish form of Please SBJ - Sweet Baby Jesus WLYB - Who Loves You Baby YAGB - You Ain't Grizz Baby (COD) ALVB - Asta La Vista, Baby B.B. - Big Baby B.B. - Baby BB - Big Baby BB - Baby BD. - Baby Dance BD - Baby Dance BIB. - Baby In Belly BIB - Baby In Belly CB. - Ciao Baby CB - Ciao Baby KMB - Kiss Me Baby SOB - Slide Over, Baby VB. - Virtual Baby VB - Virtual Baby WLYB - Who Loves Ya Baby? ABDL - Adult Baby Diaper Lover CLAB - Crying Like A Baby CYLBD - catch ya later baby doll ILUB - I love you baby ILYBBY - i love you baby ILYSFMB - i love you so f**king much baby IWYTHMB - i want you to have my baby L2LYB - Love to love you baby LU2B - Love you too baby RMLB - Read My Lips Baby SALAB - Stop acting like a baby SDMB - Sweet dreams, my baby URSSB - you are so sexy baby A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z