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Do you know what does BG mean? Now know the meaning of BG used in internet slang. We have over 10000 abbreviation used over the internet in facebook, whatsapp chatting and in sms texting.

Bad Game Baby Gangster Big Grin Big Guy

Meaning of BG ?

Meaning of BG is Bad Game, Baby Gangster, Big Grin, Big Guy.

BG Definition

The defintion of BG is Bad Game, Baby Gangster, Big Grin, Big Guy. .

What does BG mean?

BG means Bad Game, Baby Gangster, Big Grin, Big Guy.

Comments having BG

Nobody stops having a BG faster than Steph Curry My only goal is protecting interest in monster hunter. If FFE is a BG and not similar, please don't label it as the 'MH formula' The worst part of growing up as an athlete was the car rides with your parents after you had a BG. I was unaware that someone could have a BG 3 minutes into the 2nd quarter... … HeyGuys I appreciate all the kind comments, I'm not worried at all. I know I had a BG today but I will bounce back. <3

Hazard the best player on the pitch today but clueless idiots will think he is having a BG because he didn't score. Understand BC a kid has a rough or BG doesn't mean he ain't good or talented it means he's human, & is still learning the game. Also, Ben Simmons can't finish with 7 shots and 3 free throw attempts. That's BG plan or bad execution. BG = DON'T talk to me. I think we all had a BG but we still pulled out with a win. Thank God! Cause aviah a BG original BG @SHO_Shameless #Shameless Carl, the BG #exdrugdealer2 download @misskingdiamond riding BG. #fbg I've been told I'm a cry BG before && I still feel indifferent about that @Magnasback ti manca fare la BG con me This bitch mauri a cry BG Get it how you live dollar sign on my bib BG.... BG gotta shout out Barry Gibb LMFAOO ! cause I'm a BG … You pregnant and i dnt wanna go to jail , so hmu when you have your BG … Koivu had a BG on his face as he said that. As if to say, 'cmon, this is so not a big deal.' He's right. It's not. #mnWild In Hollywood they make the black man wear the dress, in sports it's leggings an effeminate dancing, with a BG while doing it. forgot how fun hockey actually is ... sitting here like a 5 year old watching #JohnScott with a BG on my face! so damn cool!!! Got a BG on my face - am reading Christopher Hitchens' 'God is Not Great'. Just found it on Amazon too (BG on my face) … #OpenStackAdmin with #Ansible .@DrPhilCovington Loved Blais' answer: "If it is the black jerseys, we'll get rid of them!" (With a BG on his face) @TheNCHC #SMU guard Shake Milton got a BG on his face when asked about getting two days off. "I can't even put into words how great that was" Ibeh put his arm around him with a BG like "make sure you think about this answer real hard." … They had headlines printed in 1948 "Dewey Wins!" #Truman held it up with a BG! #PresidentSanders … Yay!!! I was soo nervous about it this morning. Now BG %2B exhausted! … Not great timing for the BG. … 1) Roman is actually a very good "BG" 2) New Day is exactly what's fun about pro wrestling. #RAW Coming soon for everything The BG including workouts, nutrition, pics, vids, motivation, merch and MORE! VEEEERY special lighting that is. You are so grown up Jim. So proud of you BG. #SuperstarVloggers … There are a lot of BGs out there, but being The BG requires more than just a big… John Scott for MVP!Really enjoyed watching the games, but best part so far without a doubt is the performance by the BG! #NHLAllstar Best part of the all star game so far is watching John Scott out there. Great to see the BG score a goal and have some fun Half court shot from the BG to end shootaround today! Keep your estrogen in check BG.These ladies have balls. Confirmed: @BUFootball DE Shawn Oakman (@PA2BU) is a BG.

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