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Body Odour Body Odor

Meaning of BO ?

Meaning of BO is Body Odour, Body Odor.

BO Definition

The defintion of BO is Body Odour, Body Odor. .

What does BO mean?

BO means Body Odour, Body Odor.

Comments having BO

He was attracted to her because her BO reminded him of being at work #judgerinder As a woman it should be a crime to leave your house smelling of BO Hey @Uber_BLR please educate your cabbies on hygiene and BO. I nearly choked and died recently. Showered in cheap, headache inducing perfume? Welcome on the tube. BO to shame a donkey? Welcome too. Drawing on a vape? Banned. Your valentine gift will tell you ur problems. if he gives you "tooth paste & brush" know you have mouth odour, "body spray" u hv BO [email protected] agrees it's never easy telling friends they have BO. Let's #BanBodyOdour & bring back Bear Hugs! Bad breath, BO early in the morning. Imagine 3 weeks ago we hired a security guard and it didn't take long for us to realise his BO might be d real reason no one tries to rob us At MyHealthy Outlet,#Natural_Deodorant_Canada formulated with antibacterial mineral salt that help you better protection against BO. When will people understand that perfume doesn't hide your BO, but it acctually enhances it?! Middle School can be gross. . . The kids start getting mouthy and get BO all at once. you're a fat loser and you have BO too little of the mineral zinc in your system can result in BO. Pungent lately? eat more foods rich in zinc. #IFYH Night classes usually smell like BO with a hint of fast food and weed. BO!!! Please for the love of God wear deodorant! … I hate that sea of BO when someone walks past you #UseDeodorant #SaveLives Nothing worse than smelling someone's BO this early. Come on take a shower Ahhh the smell of Rio after a day of Carnaval blocos. A tangy mix of urine, stale beer, BO, garbage, and urine. @therealelp sorry but it's actually due to poor hygiene & BO. We were trying to figure out how to tell you. Study Shows BO Truly Complements The Fragrance You Put on - …

What does BO stand for?

Terms relating to BO

BEAR - Large man with body hair BME - Body Modification Ezine BMI - Body Mass Index BO - Body Odour BOBFOC - Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch BUTTERFACE - A Woman With An Attractive Body But An Ugly Face CBR - Captive Bead Ring (body piercing) DAE - Does Anybody Else EBM - Electronic Body Music ELE - Everybody Love Everybody HWB - Hottie With Body OBE - Out of Body Experience OMDB - Over My Dead Body OOBE - Out Of Body Experience SB - Somebody SEP - Somebody Else's Problem TEN - Person with a perfect body TROLOL - LOLING at somebody who is TROLLING B.O. - Body Odor BO - Body Odor BOD - Body DTN - Don't Tell Nobody FEL. - F*** Everybody's Life FEL - F*** Everybody's Life GTTS - Got To Tell Somebody GWB - Girl With a Body IAN - I Am Nobody N.E.C. - Nobody's Even Close NEC - Nobody's Even Close NL - Nobody's Listening RYB - Reading Your Body SYB - Sell Your Body TNB - Trust NoBody UNB - U a No- Body BANANA - Built Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody BBFBBM - Body by Fisher Brains by Mattel FBSM - Full body sensual massage ITAH - Is There Anybody Here LOBNAH - Lights On But Nobody's At Home LOBNH - Lights On But Nobody Home LONH - Lights On, Nobody Home NBDY - nobody NETMA - Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything NETUA - nobody ever tells us anything NGAF - nobody gives a f**k NMNHNLM - no money, no honey, nobody loves me NOMDB - Not Over My Dead Body ROTFLMAAOBPO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** And Other Body Parts Off ROTFSTCLMAAOBPO - Rolling On The Floor Scaring The Cat Laughing My A** And Other Body Parts Off SHTSI - Somebody Had To Say It A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z