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Big Smile On Face

Meaning of BSOF ?

Meaning of BSOF is Big Smile On Face .

BSOF Definition

The defintion of BSOF is Big Smile On Face . .

What does BSOF mean?

BSOF means Big Smile On Face .

Terms relating to BSOF

:> - Mischievous smile :-) - Smile :-D - Big Smile :3 - Cute/goofy face :O) - Clown nose smiley face :T - Side smile =3 - Cute/goofy face ABF - All But Face API - Application Programming Interface B) - Smiley with sunglasses BANDWIDTH - Amount of data through an interface over time BOBFOC - Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch BSOF - Big Smile On Face BSOFN - Big Smile On Face Now BUTTER FACE - Girl who is good looking except for her face BUTTERFACE - A Woman With An Attractive Body But An Ugly Face CKI - Chair-Keyboard Interface CLI - Command Line Interface DFTS - Don't Forget to Smile DVI - Digital Visual Interface F2F - Face To Face FBC - FaceBook Chat FBF - Facebook Friend FBO - Facebook Official GNFB - Good Night Facebook GOMF - Get Outta My Face GOOMF - Get Out Of My Face GUI - Graphical User Interface HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface HMI - Human Machine Interface IYF - In Your Face MFW - My Face When ... MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface MKZ - Facebook (derogatory) MUG - Face MYF - Miss Your Face NIC - Network Interface Card PCMIA - Personal Computer Manufacturer Interface Adaptor PLANKING - Lying face down in an unusual place POKER FACE - Expressionless face PRAWN - Girl who is good looking except for her face SALTS - Smiled A Little Then Stopped SCSI - Small Computer System Interface SLI - Scalable Link Interface SMIZE - Smile with your eyes SYF - Shut Your Face TMMS - That Made Me Smile TRDMF - Tears Running Down My Face UI - User Interface VBS - Very Big Smile A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z