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Smoke marijuana Ugly Back Up Name

Meaning of BUN ?

Meaning of BUN is Smoke marijuana, Ugly, Back Up Name.

BUN Definition

The defintion of BUN is Smoke marijuana, Ugly, Back Up Name. .

What does BUN mean?

BUN means Smoke marijuana, Ugly, Back Up Name.

Comments having BUN

Life goal:To BUN in space Maybe 1/2 NFL players BUN to deal with pain and brain injury (concussion) issues. #LegalizeIt #Cannabis … Former @NFL players say they played on PAIN PILLS constantly,got addicted, thanks @NFL (some BUN to get off he pills) #savelives Fact: Girls that BUN are much more chill than the ones who don't. You can be an educated, intelligent person and still BUN.

PSA: Don't BUN. Smoke salmon! Auburn Mayor Defends Helping VA Patient BUN To Help With Chemotherapy « CBS | Dr. William Kirby … Wiz Khalifa's new tape "Hey Did Y'all Know I BUN" BUN but stay in school. Keep your grades just as high as you are. I BUN but, that's a plant Not a drug & becoming more legal everyday. Well there ya go All my vices lol. Weed & ATL Strip clubs Hahaha that BUN filter on snapchat cracks me up Online Censorship Rears Its BUN Head In Southeast Asia by @jonrussell You're all BUN and 12, now get off my feed You ever see somebody throwing shade & just wanna comment like first of all you BUN... Why do people love Pewdiepie? He is rich Hot girlfriend AND HE IS BUN? Woke up still BUN I literally look so BUN for class every day I honestly don't know how people have the energy to look cute on a daily basis calling me BUN isn’t even an insult bc i know already rt this if ur a lil BUN Rally Hobbled As BUN China Reality Replaces Japan NIRP Euphoria; Oil Rebound Fizzles … But then I remembered its my niggas BUN @alexandraa_rodr @isaadunham @kim_afsu lmao its all good we got the BUN, but he looks more like a John then Mason I have 'Renee' as a BUN if ever get frustrated with everyone misspelling my name so there's that & then my BUN was kiyleah and this girl named her daughter kyleah today like ugh @BenHyde32 too right it's not, thank god I have a normal BUN Whatever I have a BUN that no one will know BUN ray … @D1_Obi00 that's my BUN bro Thank god for my BUN tags i hella forgot mine at phils @jenapolinar BUN po pala yon. Hehe sorry po.

What does BUN stand for?

Terms relating to BUN

B2B - Back To Back B2W - Back To Work BAC - Back At Computer BAK - Back At Keyboard BB - Be Back BBAM - Be Back After Meal BBIAB - Be Back In A Bit BBIAF - Be Back In A Few BBIAM - Be Back In A Minute BBIAS - Be Back In A Sec BBIAW - Be Back In A While BBL - Be Back Later