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Good quality weed

Meaning of KILLA ?

Meaning of KILLA is Good quality weed.

KILLA Definition

The defintion of KILLA is Good quality weed. .

What does KILLA mean?

KILLA means Good quality weed.

Comments having KILLA

Ahhh... The smooth and relaxing experience of smoking KILLA in the morni... %2A%2Acough COUGH cough cough%2A%2A @utterflea @rajjorani @ExSecular she's on some KILLA. A lot People Don't Even Know KILLA That's Why I Just Laugh Cause Y'all Really Be Smoking Mid Saying Its Gas . Haha what is it made from, KILLA, instead of hops and grain. … I apologise for this rather cringy post, but, anyone got a KILLA dealer? That was a KILLA. @thatobesewoman Commercials make me believe they arent wings but superhero cape. Or some KILLA. @Twerk_King1 plz don't waste ur money. spend it on some KILLA It's annoying how people are tying to buy KILLA for $10 a gram Naughty song with a feminist touch. Who thinks up such stuff? Must be some KILLA.

What does KILLA stand for?

Terms relating to KILLA

2G - Too Good 2G2BT - Too Good To Be True 42114 - April 20th, WEED smoking day 420 - WEED, Pot A1 - Top quality AIGF - All In Good Fun ALV - Asta La Vista, goodbye BABYSITTING - Holding the weed too long BAD - Good BALLIN - Living the good life BEAST - Person/thing that is good, awesome BEASTLY - Being good at something, cool BIDDIE - Good looking girl BIG - Great, really good BLAST - Good time BLAZE - Smoke Weed BLAZING - Smoking weed BLUE CHIP - High-quality, low-risk BOMB - Something really good BOOMTING - Good looking girl BUFF - Good Looking BUTTER FACE - Girl who is good looking except for her face CHAMPION - Good, great CHAO - Goodbye (Spanish) CHEERIO - Goodbye CHEERS - Goodbye CHIO - Sexy, good looking, girl CHONG - Good looking, attractive, cute CHOONG - Good looking, buff CHRONIC - High quality marijuana CHUNG - Good looking, buff CRAIC - Good times/gossip/music/drinking (Irish) CUSHTI - Good, great DANK - Incredibly good, awesome DECENT - Good, awesome DOJA - Marijuana, weed DUCES - Goodbye ELITE - Skillful, quality, professional FIG JAM - F*** I'm Good Just Ask Me FIRME - Cool, good, nice FIT - Good lokking, hot, sexy FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods FRESH - Very good, cool G'DAY - Good Day, hello G1 - Good One G2K - Good To Know G4U - Good For You G9 - Good Night GANJA - Marijuana, pot, cannabis, weed GBFN - Goodbye for Now A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z