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Lame Person

Meaning of LAMEO ?

Meaning of LAMEO is Lame Person.

LAMEO Definition

The defintion of LAMEO is Lame Person. .

What does LAMEO mean?

LAMEO means Lame Person.

Comments having LAMEO

Y do people say, "Yar mjhy XYZ ny bht hurt kia, ab kisi py bhi trust nahi kr skta."Like the world ends at a single LAMEO? I'm the coolest LAMEO I know. I'm a LAMEO Character: [is a trans male]LAMEO: NOT A BOY xD me: %2Awears all black%2A LAMEO: "omg sadie who died??" uh ur about to if u don't shut ur whore mouth Ima LAMEO i just need someone I can be lame with We all have that one LAMEO in our notifications every time you tweet something Just wanted to watch movies like a normal LAMEO on Friday night but I guess my tv had other plans I act lame to not make a LAMEO feel lame Bullying is so dead. Cyber bullying is so dead and if you still do that you're a LAMEO with no life

What does LAMEO stand for?

Terms relating to LAMEO

250 - Stupid person (Chinese) 420 FRIENDLY - Person who likes smoking pot 5150 - Police code for crazy person on the loose AARP - American Association of Retired Persons AIRHEAD - Stupid person ALPHA - Head person of a group ANON - Unknown person APC - Armoured Personnel Carrier APO - Authorized Personnel Only AUSSIE - A Person From Australia BADASS - Cool, confident person BAMA - Person lacking style BARN - Barnacle, person who latches on BEAST - Person/thing that is good, awesome BISCUIT - Attractive person BLICK - A very black person BOD - Person, DUDE BOGAN - Poorly educated, vulgar person (Australian) BOOT - Inexperienced person BOZO - Incompetent person, idiot CARD - Amusing, eccentric person CAT - Cool person CHADROOL - Stupid person CHEAP SKATE - Mean/stingy person CHEESY - Corny, lame CHINK - Offensive term for an Asian or Chinese person CLUBHEAD - Person who goes to clubs a lot CLUT - Clumsy person COUCH POTATO - Lazy person who sits all day watching TV COYOTE - Person who smuggles immigrants CRACKA - Offensive term for a white person CREEP - Weird, undesirable person CRICKETS - Said after a lame joke to break the silence CRUSTY - Dirty, unwashed person CUPCAKE - Soft, loving person CUTIE - Cute, attractive person DAG - Unfashionable person DIME - Very attractive person DINGBAT - Stupid person, idiot DINLO - Stupid person DIV - Stupid person DOG - Ugly person DOOFUS - Stupid person DORK - Silly, socially inept person DOSSER - Lazy person DOXING - Collect Personal Information FLAKE - Unreliable person FPS - First-Person Shooter (video game term) FROG - Offensive word for a French person GAMER - Person who plays video games A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z