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Little Girl Little Guy Last Guess Lazy Gourmet

Meaning of LG ?

Meaning of LG is Little Girl, Little Guy, Last Guess, Lazy Gourmet.

LG Definition

The defintion of LG is Little Girl, Little Guy, Last Guess, Lazy Gourmet. .

What does LG mean?

LG means Little Girl, Little Guy, Last Guess, Lazy Gourmet.

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Hey. This LG is great and should go on her class trip to the grand canyon. Any little bit helps. thanks! Mom hears son's donated heart beat in LG via @usatoday Happy 18th Birthday to somebody I can't call a LG no more at 18 you are growing into a woman happy birthday @Lexxismyname Before abusing that LG, didn't you stop to think that it would hurt her parents, her uncle, her aunt and family? #WeStandByParth Niall Horan from One Direction was spotted listening to 1989 with a LG in Melbourne, Australia today.

It's lowkey funny when ppl reply to my tweets like, "QUIT HATING ON MEN, LG, MEN DONT SUPPORT FEMINISM" %2B I'm like...I am a man tho When I was a LG I dreamed of touching this little moon man and to be able to have one… When Justin prank calls people, he likes to scream into the phone like a LG If any of you tweeted the picture of Niall with LG please delete the picture, thank you. If you tweeted the picture of Niall and the LG, please delete it the owner of the picture doesn't want it out anymore Though @LewisHamilton is in #Toronto, this LG gets today's spotlight!Racoon rides The #TTC #Subway… @blerghhh LG, chicken parmesan with home made fettuccine noodles @TheKnifeGrind LG August? Same ones I use to give my LG they mad now "Thought the time for settling down had come at LG I hoped to find a future in my past." Of all things to make me think I broke my pinky in HS basketball, knitting would have been my LG. But for real, my pinky hurtssss. @Dejan_Kovacevic LG: Chatham Center? #GuessDKPSHQ of all the places to get spam messages about one night stands, soundcloud was definitely my LG @HusnKaHathiyar LG @LambaAlka ? @ShaneBenson78 honestly may have been my LG Last chance to vote The LG for best caterer in The Georgia Straight's annual Golden Plates. We... GOODS | LG Ready To Deliciously Cater Chinese Lunar New Years Celebrations: Vancouver, BC | Celebrat... LG Crab Cake on Arugula Salad with Shaved Parmesan Cheese. Now that is what we call an office catered... Easy and Delicious: Two-Ingredient Cocktails for the LG … Ganz einfach zum Nachkochen: LG Menu à la Mathis #vancouver #jobs Servers and Bartenders / Thurs., Dec. 10 (The LG): 'The secret to the LG'...

What does LG stand for?

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COUCH POTATO - Lazy person who sits all day watching TV DOSSER - Lazy person PORCH MONKEY - Person who sits on their porch, lazy person SLOB - Lazy, untidy, dirty person DFL - Dumb Fat And Lazy DFL - Dumb, Fat, and Lazy FDL - Fat, Dumb, and Lazy L. - Lazy L - Lazy LBO - Lazy Bearded One LDN - Lazy Do Nothing LG - Lazy Gourmet