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Not Of This World

Meaning of NOTW ?

Meaning of NOTW is Not Of This World.

NOTW Definition

The defintion of NOTW is Not Of This World. .

What does NOTW mean?

NOTW means Not Of This World.

Comments having NOTW

He's 17 and can squat 875(!) pounds.Joseph Pena is NOTW. Today REFUSE to live by the terms and dictates of this world, for you are NOTW! You have been raised... NOTW: 7 Signs Your Child is an Old Soul - i am NOTW i am a shaman Christ Follower the best is yet to come. It's NOTW so don't look here. It awaits us and our minds cannot conceive its glory destiny's child is NOTW. what did we do to deserve them? they are above us in every way Can't no other type of woman love like the black women can. It's something NOTW, but it feels like home. “There is a kingdom that is NOTW. There is a love that is stronger than hate.” @johnortberg never forget you were not made for this world, its empty promises or its comforts. you were made for greatness&joy that's NOTW. Hey @WWE if you're going to feud Brock and Bray then PLEASE let Bray and @HeymanHustle book it. The results would be NOTW.

Terms relating to NOTW

ATT - At This Time BFITW - Best Friend In The World BITW - Best In The World CTO - Check This Out DAMHIKT - Don't Ask Me How I Know That/This DQMOT - Don't Quote Me On This DUB DUB DUB - WWW, World Wide Web EOTW - End Of The World EOTWAWKI - End Of The World As We Know It GWR - Guinness World Records IANAL - I Am Not A Lawyer (this is an uninformed opinion) IAWTC - I Agree With That/This Comment IAWTCSM - I Agree With This Comment So Much IAWTP - I Agree With This Post IHT - I Hate This ·IITYWTMWYBMAD - If I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me a Drink? IITYWTMWYKM - If I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me? ISTATOY - I Saw This And Thought Of You ITC - In This Channel ITT - In This Thread NOTW - Not Of This World NWO - New World Order ONNTA - Oh No, Not This Again OOTW - Out Of This World OWK - Other World Kingdom ROW - Rest Of the World RTW - Round The World TEOTWAWKI - The End Of The World As We Know It TINAG - This Is Not A Game TINALO - This Is Not A Legal Opinion TINAR - This Is Not A Recommendation TIRF - That/This Is Really Funny TITCR - This Is The Credited Response TROTW - The Rest Of The World TTIUWP - This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures TTIWWP - This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures TTJASI - Take This Job And Shove It TWTMC - To Whom This May Concern UMTWTM - You Mean The World To Me W3C - World Wide Web Consortium WCG - World Cyber Games WCW - World Championship Wrestling WEB - World wide web, internet WHO - World Health Organization WIC - World in Conflict (game) WILTW - What I Learned This Week WITW - What In The World WNDITWB - We Never Did It This Way Before WOW - World Of Warcraft WPWW - White Pride World Wide A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z