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Probably Junk Mail

Meaning of PJM ?

Meaning of PJM is Probably Junk Mail.

PJM Definition

The defintion of PJM is Probably Junk Mail. .

What does PJM mean?

PJM means Probably Junk Mail.

Comments having PJM

@ZombieRiot PJM, anyway. I have nearly 400 emails but I can't be bothered deleting them. They're all PJM anyway @cinnamontoastk PJM. I have the same prob. @Xpeggr @MarciaOnTheGo Naw. It's PJM. OR YOUR TICKETS!!! :-) #greycup Eh, PJM anyway.Or...a BANANAGRAM. %2Amic drop%2A … -mailbox. Thanking the delivery person as I toss the items into my bag not bother to look. It's a PJM anyways. Once we're 》 @_xjfgx_ ayyyyyy That's how U know They miss us lol it's PJM Most of them are PJM but I've been avoiding them long enough. Blimey we have post for the first time in about a week. It's PJM. You've got mail. PJM though #MakeAFilmSkeptical

What does PJM stand for?

Terms relating to PJM

419 - Nigerian Email Scam BEF - Best Email Friend CYE - Check Your Email CYM - Check Your Mail EDDRESS - Email address EDJ - Energy Drink Junkie EM - E-Mail EMA - E-mail Address FWD - Foward (Email) GMAIL - Google web email service GTRM - Going To Read Mail KITE - Mail received in jail MEME - An idea that spreads like a virus by word of mouth, email, blogs etc POP3 - Post Office Protocol v3 (for email) PRBLY - Probably PROB - Probably PROBS - Probably PROBZ - Probably PROLLY - Probably PRY - Probably SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SPAM - Unsolicted email TAT - Rubbish, junk VM - Voice Mail YGM - You've Got Mail YHM - You Have Mail AML - Animorph Mailing List DMG - Daily Mail Group ECM - Email Campaign Management EMS - E-Mail Shorthand GEM - Generic Electronic Mail LVM - Left Voice Mail PBEM - Play By Electronic Mail PIE - Public Internet And Email PIE - Pointers In Email PJM - Probably Junk Mail PML - Personalized Mailing Lists PML - Personal Mailing List QOJ - Quality Of Junk RRT - Request Remailing To TTM - Through The Mail TVJ - TeleVision Junkee WGML - Waynes Guyana Mailing List WIPW - Which Is Probably Wrong WLH - Windows Live Hotmail YGM - You've Got Mail YHM - You Have Mail EMM - email me EMSG - E-mail Message EWI - E-mailing While Intoxicated A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z