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Ready To Wear Round The World

Meaning of RTW ?

Meaning of RTW is Ready To Wear , Round The World .

RTW Definition

The defintion of RTW is Ready To Wear , Round The World . .

What does RTW mean?

RTW means Ready To Wear , Round The World .

Terms relating to RTW

180 - Turn around, 180 degrees 3 WHEELIN - Driving with one wheel off the ground BFITW - Best Friend In The World BGM - Background Music BITW - Best In The World BOGSAT - Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around Talking DUB DUB DUB - WWW, World Wide Web EOTW - End Of The World EOTWAWKI - End Of The World As We Know It GAL PAL - Man who hangs around with girls GUFN - Grounded Until Further Notice GWR - Guinness World Records JMA - Just Messing Around JPA - Just Playing Around NOTW - Not Of This World NWO - New World Order OMFUG - Other Music Found UnderGround OOTW - Out Of This World OTG - Off The Ground OWK - Other World Kingdom PEERS - People in the same group, equals in age, background etc RAWL - Roll Around While Laughing REC - Recreation (ground) ROTGL - Rolling On The Ground Laughing ROW - Rest Of the World RTW - Round The World SAG - Wear trousers low around the waist SBI - Surrounded By Incompetence TEOTWAWKI - The End Of The World As We Know It TROTW - The Rest Of The World UMTWTM - You Mean The World To Me VEG - Sit around and do nothing W3C - World Wide Web Consortium WCG - World Cyber Games WCW - World Championship Wrestling WEB - World wide web, internet WHO - World Health Organization WIC - World in Conflict (game) WITW - What In The World WOW - World Of Warcraft WPWW - White Pride World Wide WTC - World Trade Center WTMW - Welcome To My World WTO - World Trade Organization WW1 - World War One WW2 - World War Two WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment WWF - World Wildlife Fund WWF - World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) WWW - World Wide Web A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z