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Ulster Defence Association

Meaning of UDA ?

Meaning of UDA is Ulster Defence Association.

UDA Definition

The defintion of UDA is Ulster Defence Association. .

What does UDA mean?

UDA means Ulster Defence Association.

Comments having UDA

UDA: via @YouTube Glencairn was a violent, ultra loyalist estate controlled by the UDA ( UDA ) via @bfchild66 UDA ( U.D.A ) via @bfchild66 As I child I longed to be old enough to join the UDA & hated CatholicsUDA via @bfchild66 I am in support of the UDA thank you @vaunski @GeorgeAylett UDA (UDA) is Muslim? Today we remember fallen comradeTommy English North Belfast BrigadeUDAQuis Separabit #30_October on 1993 The Troubles: The UDA, an Ulster loyalist paramilitary, carry out a mass shooting at a Hallowee.. UDA, Scottish National Party, Russian Unity og Oslos forretningsadvokater på vestkanten:alle undertrykte separatister UDA and the Ulster Volunteer Force had access to some weapons, despite both organisations decommissioning

Terms relating to UDA

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