G - Slang used over internet, in facebook, whatsapp chat | Page 1

List of all abbreviations starting with G. We have over 638 acronyms / slang used in facebook comments and whatsapp chat online over the internet.

G - Grin G - Galactic G - Gorgeous G - Gosh G O A T - Greatest Of All Time G'DAY - Good Day, hello G... - Galactic G... - Gorgeous G... - Gosh G.I. - Great Idea G.M. - Get Me G.M. - Good Morning G.M. - Good Message G.M. - Gutter Mouth G.M. - Group Message G.M. - Goodness Me! G.W.S - Get Well Soon G.W.S - Get Well Soon G1 - Good One G1 - Gone G1 - Good One G2B - Go To Bed G2E - Got To Eat G2F - Got To Fly G2G - Gotta go G2G - Got To Go G2G - Good To Go G2G2B - Got To Go To Bed G2H - Go To Hell G2K - Good To Know G2K - Good to know G2R - Got To Run G2R - Got to Run G2S - Go To Sleep G3G - One better than G2G G4U - Good For You G4Y - Good For You G8 - Great G8 - Gate G8T - Great G9 - Good Night G9 - Goodnight GA - Go Ahead GA - Go Ahead GA - Go Away GABI - Grin And Bear It GAC - Guilty As Charged GAC - Get A Clue GAC - Get A Clue GAF - Gaming Age Forum
GAF - Genuine Admirer Of Females GAFF - House GAFIA - Get Away From It All GAFM - Get Away From Me GAG - About to throw up GAG - Joke GAGA - Crazy, infatuated GAH - Expression of frustration GAJ - Get A Job GAL - Girl GAL - Get A Life GAL - Get A Life GAL - Generic Array Logic GAL - Getting All the Loot GAL PAL - Man who hangs around with girls GALDEM - Group of girls GAMER - Person who plays video games GAMMD - Go Ahead Make My Day GAMS - Female legs GANGNAM - Relating to wealth and class GANJ - Ganja, marijuana GANJA - Marijuana, pot, cannabis, weed GANK - Steal GANK - Gang kill (MMORPG) GARMS - Clothes GAS - Flatulence GAS - Guitar Acquisition Syndrome GAS - Got A Second GAS - Go Ahead Single GASSED - Have a high opinion of yourself GASSING - Talking GAT - Gun GATT - General Agreement To Talk And Talk GAWD - God GAWJUS - Gorgeous GAWJUSS - Gorgeous GAWY - Go Away GAY - Good As You GB - Great Britain GB - Gigabyte GB - Going Bananas GB - Gorgeous Brute GB - Good Bye GBA - God Bless America GBCW - Good Bye Cruel World GBFN - Goodbye for Now GBH - Grievous Bodily Harm GBH - Great Big Hug GBHANDK - Great Big Hug(s) and Kiss(es) GBML - Good Bye My Love A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z