Z - Slang used over internet, in facebook, whatsapp chat | Page 1

List of all abbreviations starting with Z. We have over 29 acronyms / slang used in facebook comments and whatsapp chat online over the internet.

Z - Zzzzzz  (falling asleep at the keyboard) ZA - Pizza ZAIN - Beautiful (Arabic) ZECH - Energy, life ZED - Zombie ZERG - Defeat enemy by outnumbering rather than strategy or skill ZIC - Zaurus Internet Chat ZIG ZAG - Cigarette paper ZILCH - Nothing, zero ZIMBO - Person from Zimbabwe ZING - Owned ZIP - Ounce of marijauna ZIT - Spot, pimple ZK - Zero Kool ZL - Zero Life ZMG - Oh My God ZOMB - Zombie ZOMFG - OMFG (hit Z instead of Shift key) ZOMG - Same as OMG ZONG - BONG with a Z shaped tube ZONG - Zak Orth's Mating Grounds ZONKED - Very tired or inebriated ZOOT - Spliff, joint ZOOTED - High on drugs ZTA - Zeta Tau Alpha ZTT - Zany Times Two ZUP - What's up? ZUT - Damn it (French) ZZZ - Sleepy, bored or tired ZZZ - Tired or bored A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z