R - Slang used over internet, in facebook, whatsapp chat | Page 1

List of all abbreviations starting with R. We have over 450 acronyms / slang used in facebook comments and whatsapp chat online over the internet.

R - Are R - Repulsive R&B - Rhythm And Blues R&D - Replicate and Duplicate R&D - Research and Development R&R - Rest and Relaxation R. - Repulsive R... - Repulsive R.F.P. - Really Fancy Purchase R5 - Region 5 (DVD region) RA - Resident Advisor RA - Resident Assistant RA - Really Annoying RA - Really Awesome RAC - Rock Against Communism RAC - Rec Arts Comics RACHET - Crazy, nasty RACKS - Money (in thousands) RAD - Radical, cool RADAR - Radio Detection And Ranging RAEBNC - Read And Enjoyed, But No Comment RAFL - same as ROFL RAFO - Read And Find Out RAGE - Party very hard, get wasted RAGO - Whatever, OK RAH - Pompous or superior person RAIL - Line of cocaine RAILS - Lines of cocaine RAINCHECK - Postponement RAK - Random Act of Kindness RAM - Random Access Memory RAMTBB - Rules Are Made To Be Broken RANDOM - Unexpected, unpredictable RANGA - Redhead (derogatory) RANK - Disgusting, gross RAOK - Random Act Of Kindness RAOTFLMHO - Rolling Around On The Floor Laughing My Head Off RAP - Music genre RAPID - Cool, excellent RAPPER - Urban poet RAR - File compression type RAS - Remote Access Server RASC - Rec Autos Sport Cart RASTA - Rastafarian RAT - Snitch, telltale RATCHET - Undesirable, coarse woman RATM - Rage Against the Machine (band) RATS - Damn RAVE - A Large Dance Party RAW - Ready And Willing
RAW - Ready And Waiting RAWK - Rock RAWL - Roll Around While Laughing RAWR - Right Answer, Wrong Reason RAZ - Rubbish Action Zones RAZZ - Make fun of RAZZ - Get drunk RB - Really Big RB - Real Beard RB - Random Boner RB. - Really Big RB. - Real Beard RB. - Random Boner RBAU - Right Back At You RBAU - Right Back At You RBAY - Right Back At You RBAY - Right Back At You RBAY - Right Back At Ya RBD - Real Big Daddy RBF - Really Big Fight RBG - Revolutionary But Gangsta RBGFE - Redbook Girl Friend Experience RBR - Removed By Request RBTL - Read Between The Lines RBTL - Read Between The Lines RBV - Red Bull and Vodka RC - Random Chat RC - Radio Controlled RC - Real Cool RC - Really Complicated RCDD - Really Cool Data Dude RCH - A very small unit of measurement RCI - Rectal Cranial Inversion RCM - Rec Crafts Metalworking RCON - Remote Console RCT - Roller Coster Tycoon RCT - Random Convergance Of Thoughts RCVD - Received RD - Real Deal RD - Russian Doll RD - Rude Dude RDC - Really Don't Care RDC - Really Don't Care RDJ - Robert Downey Jr. RDM - Random Death Match RDO - Regular Day Off RDR - Red Dead Redemption (Game) RDRR - Har-de-har-har RDV - Rendez-Vous RDY - Ready A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z