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Actual Bodily Harm

Meaning of ABH ?

Meaning of ABH is Actual Bodily Harm.

ABH Definition

The defintion of ABH is Actual Bodily Harm. .

What does ABH mean?

ABH means Actual Bodily Harm.

Comments having ABH

lucky Russell Packer back in NRL after serving time for assault occasioning ABH, if he pretended to fk a dog hed be gone PC's McGowan & Eggleton have already had an arrest for ABH. Insp Adams #ATean the elites&depopulation agents WILL NOT QUIT, it is not very humorous that they plot HOW to do ABH … A 15-yr old male has pleaded guilty to the rape and ABH of a 20-year-woman at Liverpool CC due to be sentenced on 27th April A teacher has pleaded guilty to a charge of causing ABH in the Supreme Court. Criminality, grievous bodily harm, ABH, assault and battery, or common assault? Violence desensitised or not.? Reform? Male arrested for domestic assault occasioning ABH #Dteam BT @MI6_Tanner %2AShakes his head%2A ABH, second case. Carries a sentence of up to five years. I should know. @JeremyTaylorNV @pharmagossip Fascinating question. In law, cannot consent to ABH or worse. So it seems arguable! @INailsExpress causing someone to bleed is ABH....

Terms relating to ABH

ABH - Actual Bodily Harm ACC - Actually ALOL - Actually Laughing Out Loud ALWP - Actual Laughter Was Produced ATA - Actual Time of Arrival GBH - Grievous Bodily Harm IAL - I Actually Laughed MOJO - Charm, spell NHD - No Harm Done SHM - Simple Harmonic Motion AC. - Absolutely Charming AC - Absolutely Charming ALOL - Actually Laughing Out Loud BAF - Biafra Actualization Forum CHM - Charming IDAC - I Don't Actually Care NBH - Noisy But Harmless ACLOL'D - Actually laughed out loud ACLOL'D - Actually Lol'd THD - Total Harmonic Distortion A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z