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Application Programming Interface

Meaning of API ?

Meaning of API is Application Programming Interface .

API Definition

The defintion of API is Application Programming Interface . .

What does API mean?

API means Application Programming Interface .

Terms relating to API

API - Application Programming Interface APP - Application (computer program) APPS - Applications (software) ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit BANDWIDTH - Amount of data through an interface over time C# - Microsoft programming language C++ - Programming language CKI - Chair-Keyboard Interface CLI - Command Line Interface CPP - C Plus Plus, C++ (programming language) DVI - Digital Visual Interface ESPN - Entertainment and Sports Programming Network GUI - Graphical User Interface HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface HMI - Human Machine Interface JAVA - Programming language MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface NIC - Network Interface Card PCMIA - Personal Computer Manufacturer Interface Adaptor SCSI - Small Computer System Interface SLI - Scalable Link Interface SMOP - Simple Matter Of Programming UI - User Interface ABMA - Alt Binaries Mac Applications A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z