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Don't Get Involved Don't Get It Doesn't Get It

Meaning of DGI ?

Meaning of DGI is Don't Get Involved, Don't Get It, Doesn't Get It.

DGI Definition

The defintion of DGI is Don't Get Involved, Don't Get It, Doesn't Get It. .

What does DGI mean?

DGI means Don't Get Involved, Don't Get It, Doesn't Get It.

Comments having DGI

Bloody ell I didn't wanna say anything,Coz I DGI in it all.But last night Meek demonstrated the art of war If you don't know them then just DGI having friends from other schools is honestly the best bc you DGI with their drama if it doesn't involve you, DGI Seriously, High Schoolers. DGI in politics. Create mix tapes and make out with each other.

Daily Cancer: DGI, you know deep down you will get nowhere with this. I don't get the point of cheating like if you aren't gonna be loyal DGI in a relationship Life is so much better when you DGI in other people's dramas & arguments. Instead pop the kettle on & have a biscuit. DGI with or go back to an ex If you aren't over ur ex, DGI with me . social media misuse with council employees-DGI wrong with our handy 2min guide #MorningPeopleAre usually Arizonans because if you DGI done before it gets hot, you'll have to wait til next morning.#AZsummers I DGI if yall don't like Larry and larries so much stop tweeting about it and relating everything to Larry/larries? copeland??? coldplay? jars of clay???? i DGI WHY DOES THE MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS ADVERTISE REC BASKETBALL GAMES MORE THAN OUR GAMES? I DGI man People asking me to not talk about current wrestling on Twitter so they DGI spoiled should avoid the Miiverse stage on Smash Bros 4 "Business casual" I DGI. Why can't it just once say batman pjs? Y'all used 400 years to slander and degrade black people. I DGI either. Do you? … "Quiet day at Melwood...not much expected..."Guaranteed. Every single deadline day. I don't know how some of you DGI. him: DGI twisted honey there's a thousands hoesme: but there's only one mehim: %2Aspeechless%2A John Scott somehow not among MVP candidates. It'll be Luongo, Hall or Gaudreau. NHL just DGI. Bernie's Iowa speech is a substantive discussion of important issues. He still DGI, does he? #IowaCaucus And @HillaryClinton just DGI.We truly believe @SenSanders Will spark #revolution of change.#BernieStrong … [email protected] contrasts herself w/Republicans, but she DGI. It's not DNC vs @GOP—It's corporations vs "We the People" #NotMeUs She DGI. The war is in Germany itself. "Germany's Merkel says refugees must return home once war over" … "It was the peoples debate, not the megyn Kelly show... The media just DGI... The moderators…" — jwcody When our govt- asks for almost nothing- DGI- claims we got major reformsI think that the public will see through it. #Brexit To put LvG's tenure at #MUFC into words: he DGI and never will. Hi biz taxes damage middle income wage-earners, not rich. @SenBlumenthal DGI.CT needs big tax cut for all. Property taxes too. @ChristiChat I dont understand why the idiots of the media cant get why so many like @[email protected] DGI either

What does DGI stand for?

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CREEPER - Someone who views your profile but doesn't make contact DM - Doesn't Matter IDM - It Doesn't Matter JDLR - Just Doesn't Look Right D.C. - Doesn't Count DC - Doesn't Count DGI - Doesn't Get It DM - Doesn't Matter DMA - Doesn't Mean Anything DRM - Doesn't Really Matter DSL - Doesn't Seem Likely DSL - Doesn't Seem Logical