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The End Of the World As We Know It

Meaning of TEOWAWKI ?

Meaning of TEOWAWKI is The End Of the World As We Know It .

TEOWAWKI Definition

The defintion of TEOWAWKI is The End Of the World As We Know It . .

What does TEOWAWKI mean?

TEOWAWKI means The End Of the World As We Know It .

Terms relating to TEOWAWKI

ACK - Acknowledgement AFAIK - As Far As I Know AIKRN - All I know right now AKA - Also Known As ANON - Unknown person ASAIK - As Soon As I Know AUO - I don't know AYK - As You Know B4YKI - Before You Know It BBK - Boy Better Know BFITW - Best Friend In The World BITW - Best In The World BKA - Better Known As BWDIK - But What Do I Know? BYKI - Before You Know It BYKT - But You Know That DAMHIK - Don't Ask Me How I Know DAMHIKT - Don't Ask Me How I Know That/This DIKU - Do I Know You? DIKY - Do I Know You? DK - Don't Know DKDC - Don't Know, Don't Care DKFS - Don't Know For Sure DKY - Don't Know Yet DNDC - Don't Know, Don't Care DNK - Do Not Know DNO - Don't Know DNTK - Don't Need To Know DONNO - I don't know DUB DUB DUB - WWW, World Wide Web DUNNO - Don't Know DYK - Did You Know DYKT - Did You Know That? DYKWIM - Do You Know What I Mean? EOTW - End Of The World EOTWAWKI - End Of The World As We Know It FAIK - For All I Know FKA - Formerly Known As FMTKFYTFO - For Me To Know, For You To Find Out FYK - For Your Knowledge G2K - Good To Know GOK - God Only Knows GTK - Good To Know GWR - Guinness World Records H2IK - Hell If I Know HAISTK - How Am I Supposed To Know? HDYK - How Do/Did You Know? HIIK - Hell If I Know HSIK - How Should I Know? HUA - Heard Understood Acknowledged A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z