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National Health Service

Meaning of NHS ?

Meaning of NHS is National Health Service.

NHS Definition

The defintion of NHS is National Health Service. .

What does NHS mean?

NHS means National Health Service.

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How does Britain's NHS compare to the world's health care systems? @chrislhayes Can you do that without Single Payer? Or a NHS? An American NHS, scrapping college tuition and supporting maternity pay. Good luck to @BernieSanders at the #IowaCaucus. Just one thought: If the NHS had been completely privatised, this boy would be dead and his... Loving The Guardian's #thisistheNHS: A portrait of the NHS: 'It's almost like a religion' [teeth]idk why ppl think brits all have bad teeth. we have a NHS that includes dentistry.... unlike Some Countries The NHS explained - video #NHS Circle Housing bought the site from the NHS for forty seven million pounds … Thanks NHS #NHS #MyLast4Words UK top Xmas spot goes to NHS Choir song, not... #nationalhealthservice

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