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National Union of Students

Meaning of NUS ?

Meaning of NUS is National Union of Students.

NUS Definition

The defintion of NUS is National Union of Students. .

What does NUS mean?

NUS means National Union of Students.

Comments having NUS

#NUSP100 NUS should be NUS unions... Student unions represent their students that belong to their institutes.. We've just been told that the NUS should really be the NUS Unions - thoughts anyone? #nusp100 "We might be NUS in name but we are NUS' Unions in practice & I'm proud of it." #NUSP100 Sign this petition by the NUS to get fair price for university textbooks. That bit where the interviewer in 2006 says the NUS would have been "all in favour of free speech". @GamingAnarchist @monkeypusher69 And each union is a member of the NUS. #bitetheballot mobilise NUS … I'll never forgive the NUS for refusing to the support the Kurds against IS it on the basis it was Islamophobic tbh. Shakira Martin from NUS: black lives matter. Fossil fuel companies thrive on inequality. #climaterising Well. Essential Media Communications Pty Ltd is no longer lobbying for NUS.

Terms relating to NUS

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